Dough For The Flow winner is Paul D. From Colorado!

Congratulations to Paul D from Crested Butte, Colorado for winning the 2019 Giant Trance Advanced Pro Team build in our first Dough for the Flow fundraising campaign! He is a huge fan of Eliot Jackson and is very excited to get his hands on this awesome bike. Thanks to everyone who donated to help build Phase two of the park!  See you at the bike park!

3 thoughts on “Dough For The Flow winner is Paul D. From Colorado!

    1. We’re having a volunteer dig day on September 28 to remmove weeds from the dirt. Construction begins the following week on phase two!

    2. Sorry for the delayed response it has been a busy couple of months…We are starting construction phase 2 tomorrow (Oct 3). The work is expected to take about a month. We will send an update when we have a better idea of an exact opening date.

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