We are excited to announce that we can begin construction on Phase 3 of the bike park starting July 13!

This phase will the new Expert Line which will have 7 wood ramp jumps ranging from 4-6 feet in height. The Expert Line will be a step up from the current Advanced Line in both size and skill level.

We will also be reworking the Beginner and Intermediate lines. The last table jumps will be replaced with wood ramps allowing for a more consistent progression from one line to the other.

We will also be making other modifications around the park, as well.

Obviously, this is a big project and will encompass most of the park, so we will have to shut down for about 3 weeks.

Thank you again to every one that contributed to the park. Your donations allowed us to speed up the start date so that we can have the park done before the end of the summer.

We will update frequently as the construction progresses.