We are excited to announce that we are open after our Phase 3 construction. We are still under COVID restrictions so we are not able to have an official grand opening. We are asking everyone that goes to the park to maintain social distance and not cluster in large groups. Please maintain these guidelines, so that we can keep the park up and running. Please note that the entire park has changed in some way so look at the line before you ride. The new Expert line is made for an expert level rider and SHOULD NOT be attempted if you are not ready. Please read the the warnings posted on the start hill. We will be starting our weekly maintenance hours tomorrow morning. We will be closed for riding until noon, but we are asking everyone to come out and get involved with the upkeep of the park. Help us make this the best bike park in the world! Thank you for your patience while we have been building Phase 3. We look forward to seeing all of you out there getting rad.