The Sapwi Bike Park is a partnership between the Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association (CORBA) and Conejo Recreation and Parks District (CRPD). The park is a free, public recreational bicycle skills park facility located in the heart of beautiful Sapwi Trails Community Park in Thousand Oaks, California.

The Community Park features several miles of multi-use trails, natural habitat preservation, and other activities such as disc golf, cross-country running and model aircraft flying.

CORBA, a 501c3 nonprofit, is a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). CORBA has entered into an agreement with CRPD to construct and maintain Sapwi Trails Bike Park and the multi-use trails and skills stations within Sapwi Trails Community Park.

Sapwi Bike Park offers a wide range of trails and features to challenge all ages and skill levels. A hard-surface beginner pump track  ensures year-round activity. Features will be progressive, to allow riders to gradually build their skills. This is an exciting project in a community that is deeply invested in and supportive of cycling and trails.

Sapwi Trails Community Park is located on the southwest corner of Westlake Blvd & Avenida de Los Arboles in Thousand Oaks, CA. Land for the sprawling oak-wooded  Sapwi Trails Community Park (formerly known as Lang Ranch Community Park) was dedicated to the Conejo Recreation and Park District in 1993. The park includes an outdoor classroom, a disc golf course, seating areas,barbecue areas, benches, three bike riding areas, a motorless sailplane area, and multiple trails for biking and hiking.

The Conejo Valley is a cycling community, with hundreds of miles of trails, bike lanes, bike shops, bike events, high school mountain bike teams and more. Cycling is very much part of the Conejo Valley experience, and the Sapwi Trails Bike Park will be the first in the area to offer the unique opportunities only a bike park can offer.

What is a community bike park?

Modern community bike parks offer purpose-built trails, designed and built to maximize the potential for two wheel fun for the whole family. A well designed park has something for everyone regardless of your riding ability or age.

The Sapwi Bike Park is built with progression and safety in mind, allowing the riders to build their confidence at their pace before moving up to a more advanced feature. Every rider of all abilities can feel comfortable building their skills in our park.


The features at the Sapwi Bike Park are planned and designed with every rider in mind. The Sapwi Bike Park currently features include a separate skills area, pump track, and 3 jump lines. 

The Sapwi Bike Park has been a perfect place for riders of all levels to get more comfortable on a bike at their own pace.

BIKE PARK future plans

We plan to expand our current bike park design by adding another jump line that will be geared more towards the expert riders.  This will make our bike park unlike any other in the area. 

Additionally, we will be adding one way flow trails and multiple skills areas through out Sapwi Trails Community park. This will increase the variety and bring in a wider range of bike riders that want to build their skills outside of the main bike park area.

CORBA is asking for your support to see this effort through to completion. CORBA has taken on the responsibility for funding and executing this project that will benefit the whole community.

Sponsoring or donating to Sapwi Bike Park is a great way to help promote this opportunity for healthy lifestyle choices for our community. The Bike Park is a sustainable recreation facility with broad appeal. Because bike parks are enticing and intriguing, they are effective at drawing people into cycling. Once this initial step has been made, many folks will continue to use bicycles not only as a means of recreation, but as a tool for transportation. The Sapwi Trails Bike Park will also be a great way to keep kids involved in healthy outdoor pursuits. In this day of video games, television and cell phone apps and games, it is important to have readily available opportunities for kids to participate in sports. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high.

Conditions such as juvenile diabetes and ADHD have been linked to lack of physical exercise in today’s youth. mountain biking and BMX park riding are types of recreation that, because of their visual impact and perceived “coolness”, are apt to attract kids who might otherwise seek out less healthy lifestyle choices.




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  • Top tier placement of company/Donor name on permanent signage at bike park
  • Naming privileges to a feature in the park
  • Top tier placement of company/donor name with link to company website on Sapwi Bike Park website sponsor/donor page Social Media posts on Sapwi Bike Park pages
  • Social media presence at time of donation thanking company for their sponsorship with a link to company web page.
  • Company will be highlighted and given special recognition as a top tier sponsor
  • Recognition at any special bike events held at Sapwi Trails Community Park

GOLD LEVEL ($20,000-$49,999)

  • Gold level placement of company/DONOR name on permanent signage at bike park
  • Gold level placement of company/donor name with link to company website on Sapwi Bike Park website sponsor/donor page
  • Social Media posts on Sapwi Bike Park pages Social media presence at time of donation thanking company for their sponsorship with a link to company web page
  • Recognition at any special bike events held at Sapwi Trails Community Park

SILVER LEVEL ($5,000-$19,999)

  • Silver level placement of company/DONOR name on permanent signage at bike park
  • Silver level placement of company/donor name with link to company website on Sapwi Bike Park website sponsor/donor page
  • Social Media posts on Sapwi Bike Park pages

BRONZE LEVEL ($1,000-$4,999)

  • Bronze level placement of company/DONOR name on permanent signage at bike park
  • Bronze level placement of company/donor name on Sapwi Bike Park website sponsor/donor page
  • Social Media posts on Sapwi Bike Park pages


Donations of raffle items, supplies or facilities for fund-raising events, etc., will be recognized through that event or fundraising effort only, and not with Recognition through this Sponsorship Program (unless the donor is a sponsor)


In-kind donations that directly offset expenses may be counted toward a sponsorship at the value that they offset.

Please contact us for more information:


We are always happy to accept anonymous donations. Please let us know if this is your preference and we will honor your request.

All donations are subject to the CRPD
Sponsorship Policy.


Logo and/or font sizes and placement will be determined by available space and number of sponsors at each sponsorship level. Every effort will be made to accommodate sponsor logo shapes in an equitable manner at their respected level.

How will your funds be used?

Sapwi Bike Park is entirely supported by public donation and sponsorships. The public funding we receive goes directly towards the expansion and maintenance of the park. Sponsorship funds allow us to hire professional designers, contractors and builders to create such a high quality park. In addition, sponsorship funds will be used to purchase materials and equipment vital for the upkeep of the park. 

Sponsorships help build our park

We were able to build one of the best bike parks in California due to the generous sponsor relationships we have.  Without the help of this funding, we would never have been able to make such a fun and unique community bike park.

Sponsorships will expand the park.

We are currently trying to raise funds to build the Expert Line in the jump park. This line will test the ability of any expert rider with 7 wood ramp jumps that will be a significant step up from our current Advanced Line.  We are in the process of designing this new line and hope to begin construction as soon as we reach certain fundraising goals. Once the Expert Line is done, we will be looking to expand the bike park with a downhill flow trail and multiple skills areas. Help us expand the park and make this the most fun bike park in the area.

Please contact us for more sponsorship or donor information

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Sapwi Bike Park is part of the Sapwi Trails Community Park located at 2225 N Westlake Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
for general information please contact:
Hours of operation: Mon-Sat Sunrise -Sunset Sun: Noon-Sunset