• Sapwi Bike park is open to PEDAL BIKES ONLY, no e-bikes, no electric scooters, no electric Unicycles, no electric motorcycles, no electric skateboards and no RC cars.
  • Sapwi Bike Park is an unsupervised bicycling facility. Biking is a hazardous recreational activity that could cause serious injury. Ride at Your Own Risk.
  • All CRPD rules apply in bike park.
  • Properly rated bike helmets are REQUIRED. A snug fitting, full-face helmet is encouraged.
  • Park is open dawn to dusk.
  • No remote control vehicles allowed in bike park.

Respect Others:

  • Stay in control at all times. Be aware of your surroundings and other park visitors. Adjust your speed when the park is busy.
  • Be courteous and share park with other users.
  • Take turns and keep a safe distance between you and the rider in front of you.
  • Clear landing areas quickly.
  • Ride jump lines in one direction, one line at a time.
  • If you stop for any reason, please move off to the side and keep a safe distance off the trail.
  • Respect the Bike Park:
  • PLEASE do not use the dirt trails or dirt features when they are wet or muddy. If mud is sticking to your tires/shoes or you are creating ruts/footprints, then it’s too wet to use.
  • Obey bike park and feature closures. Closure information can be found at homepage or on the Sapwi Bike Park Facebook page.
  • Absolutely no modification of trails or features allowed.
  • No skidding or other riding maneuvers that cause damage to features allowed.

General Sapwi Trails Park Rules

  • No motorized vehicles are permitted beyond the parking lot.
  • No unauthorized carrying of firearms or concealed weapons.
  • No alcoholic beverages permitted.
  • No smoking, vaping, or illicit drug use.
  • Please help keep your park clean. Please place all litter in trash/recycling receptacles.
  • Please respect the native vegetation and wildlife.
  • To reduce potential safety conflicts with cyclists, dogs are prohibited in the bike park.
  • No camping, fires, fireworks, or graffiti.
  • Improper conduct may result in a citation, suspension, or expulsion from the bike park.
  • Special events or programming require advance permit from CRPD and CORBA. Please contact for more details.
  • Riders:

    • In addition to a helmet (required), additional protective gear Is highly recommended. Wearing gloves, shin, knee, elbow pads, body armor, and in some cases a neck brace is a good idea.
    • Bicycles should be in good working order. Riding a bike at the bike park that is in poor condition or improperly assembled is dangerous. Visit your local bike shop for a safety check and get your bike(s) tuned by a professional mechanic regularly.  At least one brake is required.
    • Lower Your Saddle for improved bike handling on jumps and pump tracks.
    • Look Before You Ride and Leap. Inspect the ride lines prior to riding. Natural and man-made terrain can change due to weather, use and maintenance. Do not ride or jump blindly!
    • Ride Safely Within Your Ability. Do not attempt to ride any feature unless you have sufficient ability and experience. Many of the lines and trails through the park require advanced mountain bike and freestyle skills, including jumping.  Please review the map for the different skill levels.
    • Ride Progressively. Start small and work your way up to more advanced features as your skills develop. Learn how to ride correctly. Take a beginner or advanced skills class.
    • Do not ride in wet conditions. Pump tracks, wood features and rocks are slippery when wet.
    • If riding alone, possession of a cell phone in case of emergency is highly recommended.

    Pedestrians & Spectators:

    Please restrict yourself to only spectate outside the riding area. Enter only to give aide and assistance.

    • Be aware of your surroundings. Other bike park users may be moving quickly.
    • Do not block or obstruct the bike park entries, and trails/features. Do not stand or sit in blind areas.
    • Parents/Guardians, please watch your young children carefully and stay with them at all times.
    • Children require adult supervision.